Jacksonville AED Sales and CPR-AED Training & Certification Classes

Jacksonville AED Sales & CPR-AED Training 

Caring about the safety and well being of your employees is good business 


Assorted AEDs in JacksonvilleNow in Jacksonville there is something you can do to improve the odds dramatically for your customers and employees with a solution that is easy to use and inexpensive to buy in Jacksonville. Pulse America offers  the following AEDs for sale to local Jacksonville businesses, hotels and restaurants: Cardiac ScienceDefibtech Lifeline, Philips Heartstart, Heartsine Samaratin PAD and the Zoll AED Plus Defibrillators.

AED sales are on the rise in jacksonville becuase these life saving devices have come down in price. Pulse America offers several AED models to Jacksonville businesses. The AED sales price range from $1250.00 to $1595.00.


Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) can help solve the number one killer in America, Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), killing somewhere between 350,000 and 450,000 people a year. It can strike anyone, anywhere, at any time, and in most cases, without warning.


More people die from SCA than from breast cancer, prostate cancer, house fires, hand guns, traffic accidents and AIDS combined. Over 1,000 people a day, once approximately every 2 minutes someone dies from SCA.


Without AED shock treatment, victims have only minutes to live. With quick response, this condition is readily treatable with survival rates well over 50%.

Unfortunately, most of the time, the necessary life-saving automated external defibrillation shock does not arrive in time in jacksonville as well as most other places. As a result, typical survival rates are only 2%-5%.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is caused by chaotic electrical activity in the heart and can only be treated with an electric shock called defibrillation.


Recent advances in modern technology, along with legislative support from federal and state governments, have made a solution available to the public. Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are this life-saving solution.

Jacksonville businesses not only provide services to countless customers, but also have to care for their employees. Given the number of people present and the considerable amount of time and activity spent at work, the risk of someone suffering cardiac arrest at your Jacksonville facility is very real. Durable, cost-effective, low-maintenance, and easy-to-use, AEDs are perfectly suited for the unique needs of the business environment.

The bottom line is that with a modest investment, now you too can save a life in jacksonville.


Some facts from The American Heart Association



  • For every minute that passes without defibrillation, a victim’s chances of survival decrease by 7–10 percent.   
  • Even the very best EMS systems experience delays from heavy traffic, secured buildings, gated communities, large building complexes and high-rises.  In New York City, where emergency response teams fight extreme traffic, the average arrival time for emergency vehicles is about 12 minutes.  The cardiac arrest survival rate there is less than 2 percent. 

Jacksonville CPR-AED Training & Certification Classes


Woman Saves Child with CPRCPR training or CPR-AED training can make the difference between life and death during a medical emergency in Jacksonville.


All CPR classes are not the same. In Jacksonville and St Johns county, some companies will try to tell you that they can be in and out in no time at all. The only thing this company wants is your money and they are selling you a CPR certification card to get it. 


It typically takes less than four hours to learn CPR in Jacksonville and it is the most important medical course you can take. CPR is performed on victims who are not breathing and do not have a pulse. There is no greater emergency.  CPR has the effect of getting much-needed oxygen to the brain, where it can keep the nerves of the brain alive long enough for someone to get the patient's heart beating again.


The average national response time for “Emergency Rescue” is 5 to 10 minutes but could be as long as 20 minutes. In Jacksonville and St Johns county due to the large volume of 9-1-1 calls, it is not uncommon for response times to go over the 5 minute mark.


Brain cells start dying immediately without oxygen and irreversible brain damage starts somewhere around 4 minutes. Without immediate CPR the chances of survival are small. The question that must be asked is; what kind of life style will that person lead if someone doesn’t intervene?


Loading Sudden Cardiac Arrest Victim in Ambulance47% of all heart attack and stroke victims die before emergency rescue arrives.

Is your Jacksonville business prepared? If you or a coworker suffers from a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest, will someone be prepared to perform CPR and use an AED? We come to your Jacksonville facility and train your staff so they are prepared in the event of an emergency!

Make your Jacksonville business a vital link in the “Chain of Survival.”  

  • Taught by Certified Instructors 
  • Everyone Uses Their Own Manikin 
  • Everyone gets Hands-On-Training 
  • Everyone gets Hands-On-Evaluated 
  • Everyone gets a Certification Card 
  • Everyone gets a CPR Face-shield Keychain 

All CPR training & certification classes are not created equal.
How to choice a good training company, ask questions:

  • Are you insured? 
  • How many manikins will you bring? 
  • What is the instructor to student ratio? 
  • Are you going over Universal Precautions in depth so we can protect ourselves? 
  • How much hands on time will we get? 
  • If you are doing CPR for children and infants, does the instructor evaluate everyone for that as well? 
  • Do we just watch a video and take a test? 
  • Does everyone get a CPR card? 
  • Does everyone in the class get hands-on training? 
  • Do you do scenario based training for the AED too? 
  • Do you go over calling 9-1-1? 

There should be manikins available for each student in the CPR class to practice doing chest compressions. You can't get the feel of doing compressions correctly by just watching a movie. Good instructors see how students learn and adjust to individual needs. 


Don't just get shown how an automated external defibrillator works, you want everyone in the class to have a chance at using one. Make sure you do scenario based training, that is when stress comes in and students learn how to deal with it.


Make sure your CPR training covers everything you need. If you're confused in any way, don't hesitate to ask your instructor to clear it up.

Jacksonville AED Sales and CPR-AED Training & Certification,
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We service and provide CPR & AED training and provide Defibrillaotrs in the following communities in the Jacksonville, St Johns county and North and Central Florida area: Jacksonville, Fernandina Beach, Yulee, Palm Valley, St. Augustine, Palatka, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Port Orange, De Land, New Smyrna Beach and Titusville.